Why Choose Us?

Reach Clicks is a CPC, CPM, CPV, CPUV network having programmatic and automated system. A fully managed service, delivering millions of clicks/impresssions per day. We provides media solutions through open bidding and preferred buying with advanced monetizing tools for online advertisers and publishers. Technically Reach Clicks is an one unified system having two sides - selling and buying

Advertiser Service Overview

Reach Clicks is a premium advertiser network trusted by leading SSP's and Publisher networks. Our system features a highly tailored backend that enforces any requirements that one wishes to impose. Our advertiser solutions are effective medium to reach new customers.


  • Over 2 billion impresions, 1.5 Million Clicks, and around 500 million pops a day.
  • Worldwide Traffic Inventory
  • Profound Fraud Prevention Technologies
  • 3,500+ Publisher Sources
  • Implementation Within Hours
  • Customized Targeting (i.e. IP, Domain, Country, OS and Browser, Keyword)
  • Dedicated & Personalized Assistance
  • Promoting offers and campaigns through variuos necks like: XML feeds,JS tags,POP link & Landing Page URL's
  • Daily campaign oversight and constant account servicing
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Publisher Service Overview

Our demand consists of thousands of premium advertisers, each competing to win your traffic, thanks to our wide range of advertiser base integrated on our system, so that we’re able to provide you with outstanding coverage from all the major verticals across the globe.


  • Highly Remunerative XML Feeds, Landing Page URL and JS Tags.
  • CPC, CPM, CPV, CPUV pricing models
  • Lucrative Coverage
  • Tracking and Reporting on real time basis
  • Customized Feeds/Tags/URL to match all types of inventory
  • Geographically targeting relevant ads
  • Varied Optimization
  • 80%+ Revenue Share
  • Timely payouts
  • Live & Detailed Reporting
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Goal definition

Successful partnerships can’t be built without trust, and trust needs to be earned.


We will analyse the inventory and optimise it. Higher ecpm --> Higher Profit


Reliable reporting and ad serving. We use a number of tools and metrics to ensure full transparency of reporting.

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